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Seeing 20/20 doesn't necessarily mean your eyes are healthy. Many eye problems can only be detected during a thorough eye exam. Our innovative diagnostic equipment allows us to detect even the smallest changes in your vision, and eye health, which helps us ascertain your risk factors for debilitating eye and whole body diseases, and with early detection many are manageable.

You can feel confident that you are receiving the best possible care for your vision needs. You will get the most comprehensive service at a well-established practice under the care of a full-time doctor.

When it comes to high fashion, or budget oriented eyewear, you should never compromise style for functionality. Regardless of your visual requirements, we have designer frames and designer sunglasses that will allow you to see great, look great and feel great. Since all of our designer frames and sunglasses are priced for every budget, come in today and bring out the Fashionista in you!

The earlier we can detect eye problems such a Glaucoma, Diabetic changes, and Macular Degeneration, the sooner we can begin treatment. As time goes on, these problems usually cause severe damage and there are no symptoms. New Technology has allowed us to “see into the future”, using the OCT. (pictured below)

The OCT is our newest instrument. It is used to help diagnose many potential retina problems associated with aging, diabetes and glaucoma. This new technology gives us a 3D look at your retina from a side view. Previously, we could see the front surface of the retina, but the many layers were invisible.

Now, we can see all the retina layers and gain valuable information to aid in early diagnosis of ocular disease. We can begin treatment long before the symptoms become apparent and irreversible. There are presently no insurance codes for this instrument and usage is an out of pocket expense. We charge only $32 per use, but is it rapidly becoming the standard of care for ALL glaucoma, diabetes and macular degeneration patients.

We have added features that also assists with cornea problems. The incredibly accurate cornea measurements have given a new insight into vision difficulties caused by thinning corneas. The measurements have become critical for patients undergoing Lasik Vision Correction and especially for long term effects in patients who had cornea surgery many years ago. It has proven to be invaluable in diagnosing changes in keratoconus, where the cornea forms a conical shape, thins dramatically and can cause severe blurring.

The Eye Wellness Exam (iWellnessExam) has proven to be of great value when there is a family history of macular degeneration. We can find the earliest signs for those patients with a high risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and moderate to high eye pressure found in glaucoma. This is a screening exam and the cost is just $25.  


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